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  • Diogo Souza

    Diogo Souza

    Brazilian dev. Creator of www.altaluna.com.br

  • Léonard Hetsch

    Léonard Hetsch

    Software engineer based in London / Technical coach @makersacademy / Previously @stuart @dicefm & @oncetheapp / Studied @gobelins_paris / Hungry learner.

  • Martin Novak

    Martin Novak

    Martin is a product manager at work, a software developer in his free time, and an entrepreneur at heart.

  • Upland


    The earth’s metaverse powered by blockchain technology. Upland.me 🏠🌎

  • addirktive


    About to change shit. Watch me do it!

  • Charuka Herath

    Charuka Herath

    I am a full-stack software developer and a person who has a passion and loves writing and reading. Reach me at charuka09@gmail.com | SE @SyscoLabsSL

  • Nabil Nalakath

    Nabil Nalakath

    Thanks for reading. You can read all paid content on medium and also support me by signing up for just 5$ on this link https://ispeakcode.medium.com/membership

  • Nick Santos

    Nick Santos

    Software Engineer. Trying new things @tilt_dev. Formerly @Medium, @Google. Yay Brooklyn.

  • Proud2beCloud


    We are a team of IT enthusiasts and Cloud pioneers proudly using the AWS Cloud since 2007 and loving to share all the cool things we do with it every day.

  • Node.js


    Node.js is a collaborative open source project dedicated to building and supporting the Node.js platform. https://nodejs.org/en/

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